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R.M. Blackwell-Flanagan, Ph.D.

A seasoned woman in ministry of over 30+ years, Dr. Rhonda Blackwell Flanagan was born in Chicago, Illinois and raised in the near western suburbs.  She recognized her first level of ministry work as a young girl organizing activities for youth in her church and neighborhood.   She recounts mentoring young girls while in middle school and teaching them how to set goals for their lives.  In addition to using her creative talent for writing stage productions, she found herself at a very young age carving a path to personal discipleship and answering the call to encourage and empower others.

Dr. Rhonda has experienced a full life; she is a lifelong learner, teacher and born leader. In her profession she has provided leadership for K12 schools and programs at the graduate level.  She walked in the call of being married to a pastor and from their union became the mother of five beautiful girls and grandchildren that will further her legacy of learning and leading.

As the visionary for Wellspring Project, Intl. she is an authentic woman with vision and drive.  Her life purpose is to facilitate opportunities for others to thrive in their walk with God, and in excellence work to make their calling and election sure. Her gifts in administration, church growth and development, women’s ministry, and the creative arts, has served as a platform to do that which she purposes to do in others… pour in and connect them to a Wellspring and Fountain that is the source from which greater flows.