TWG Award Categories

How to Submit a Nomination

The Treasured Women’s Gala honors single mothers and female college students in the community for their hard work, family devotion, and the personal sacrifices they make each day in pursuit of their dreams.

Below are the nomination award categories for this year—single moms and female college students.  Take a moment to view the eligibility criteria for each category in its entirety before nominating the treasured woman in your life. Eligible women may be nominated by peers, colleagues, friends, family or members of the public.

Single Mother - Oasis Sapphire Award

This award* honors the role single mothers have in creating and building the lives of children and successful communities. The goal is to recognize and encourage single mothers who build character, courage, and commitment in their homes while highlighting their commitment to Christ along the journey.

*Award amounts will be subject to sponsorship donations.

Female Student - Rise Above Award

This award* honors female college students who continue to excel academically despite various hardships and challenges. The goal is to recognize and encourage female college students who demonstrate outstanding academic achievement, character, leadership skills, community involvement and many more outstanding qualities against all odds.

*Award amounts will be subject to sponsorship donations.