Rhonda Lloyd, Senior Pastor – Oasis Christian Center

I am so overwhelmed with joy to host an event for women, where they take a night off—free from husband, free from kids, free from work and school—to come fellowship and celebrate each other as treasured women who work tirelessly in our homes, at work, at church, and in our communities. These women hardly find the opportunity to fellowship and dine together, free from religion and everything else that divides us.

I am truly humbled and very delighted to host the fourth annual Treasured Women’s Gala. This very special occasion, which began as a vision burning in the depths of my heart for many years, continues to grow and positively impact Tallahassee women and their families with each passing year.

The Treasured Women’s Gala was born from my deepest desire to see women of like faith and like passion come together for an evening of fellowship, where they get a chance to take off their religious masks, lay aside the roles that we are pressured to play every day, and truly celebrate the TREASURE that God has created us to be – to our families, our children, and our communities.

The future of this vision is to help support less fortunate women from our community who may be challenged emotionally, financially, and spiritually, as they continually push forward and work hard toward their goals with very limited resources.

God has chosen to put His treasure within us, and I truly believe that we ought to hold ourselves responsible for helping each other to discover, develop, and display that treasure that God has placed within us. My prayer is that this will become a truly treasured annual event as the vision unfolds to touch many more lives.

The genesis of the Treasured Women’s Gala could have not been possible without the unwavering love and support of my family, friends, and Oasis family.